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The concept of responsive and mobile friendly websites, themes have gained popularity just a few years ago. In that time frame people have started to use mobile devices more and more to surf the web and browse sites. This is why theme makers and developers have started to incorporate responsiveness in to their sites. Bootstrap is the number 1 framework to build responsive websites and the responsive element helps to mould the entire webpage according to the users screen.

We have compiled a list of the best rated top mobile themes for WordPress which are easy to install and easy to manage. Tech savviness is not required to operate these themes as they are very user friendly.

15+ Top WordPress Mobile Themes

Monolith – WP theme for bloggers and professionals

monolith mobile wp theme
Monolith is perhaps the most expressive mobile theme to date. With in-your-face imagery, the theme is an immediate standout from the crowd and is especially suitable for anyone looking to present their content, products and/or services through memorable and strong visuals.

Monolith too can be used for many purposes; whether you’re a straight-up blogger, need to show off your work, and/or advertise your services, Monolith can be a trusty partner that can be used as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress installation or set up as the main theme on a brand new installation.

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Breezy: Mobile Theme for WordPress

breezy mobile wordpress theme

Breezy is a super clean and lightweight mobile theme for WordPress that can be used on either a brand new WordPress installation or set up as a secondary, mobile-only theme for your existing WordPress site.

Breezy comes with an extensive menu and header system, as well as a wildly customizable loading screen and progress bar. You can also quickly change elements like title and body font sizes, line heights, colors, and alignments on the theme itself. And while primarily intended for use on smartphones and tablets, you’ll find it works great on desktop as well.

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Pro Mobile | Mobile and Tablet Responsive WordPress Theme (WooCommerce Ready)

pro mobile woo commerce wordpress theme

Promobile Theme is created with full customizable theme system. While coding this template we try to give you better mobile experience. Promobile have perfect mobile blog system. Also custom portfolio, gallery, video support. You can insert unlimited menu item in Promobile Theme. Our mobile theme is support image icons & font icons with unlimited color variations.

You can use mobile retina icons which we already included with FontAwesome icons. Please preview with your mobile phone or tablet for better view and see retina features…

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GRUNT: A Big and Bold Mobile WordPress Theme

grunt mobile theme for wordpress

Grunt is a mobile-focused WordPress theme and can be set up as a secondary theme on your current WordPress installation and shown only to mobile visitors, or used on a brand new installation; whichever suits your situation.

While fresh and clean, Grunt can be used for many purposes; set up a straightforward blog, include an optional static front page, build portfolios, touch-enabled galleries, etc.

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HERO: A No-Nonsense Mobile WordPressTheme

hero mobile responsive wp theme

This theme is designed to be super simple to use, yet provide loads of functionality. Do visit the live preview and read through this page to get a more comprehensive overview of what the theme has to offer, but here are just a few quick highlights:

  • works alongside your desktop site
  • ready for localization
  • ‘install as web app’ on iOS
  • beautifully unique menu, comment/contact forms
  • touch/swipe gallery
  • multiple color schemes
  • a variety of extremely customizable shortcodes
  • comprehensive documentation

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TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme

touch light wordpress theme mobile
Touch is the 4th in a series of mobile WordPress themes and is intended for use on smartphone and/or tablet devices. Set it up as a secondary theme and display it only to mobile visitors, or set up a brand new WordPress installation; the choice is yours.

Touch may look light and airy but, as can be seen on the features list below, it’s a mobile theme with plenty of features in tow and can be used for many purposes; set up a straightforward blog, an optional static front page, a touch gesture-enabled gallery, or even a portfolio. Also included is a utterly unique comment form along with a validation-enabled contact form, plus sliders, shortcodes, ‘install as web app’ functionality and so on, and so on.

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Breathe – WordPress

breathe wp mobile template

Heavily themed jQuery Mobile based template which suits the best for your blog or portfolio page and it’s easy customizable via Theme Options.

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Writter – A Modern Grid Based Mobile Theme

writter modern mobile template

Writter is grid based minimalistic theme with buch of colorful features bloggers will appreciate. Clean and smooth modern design with 8 great post formats is the right choise. Theme was built with strong focus on typography. On the mobile screen it’s just the best looking theme our there.

Writter is the right choise for creative bloggers but not only for them. Post layout can be used as a portfolio. It’s all about creativity. So click on a live preview and try Writter. It’s the perfect way to start!

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Delta – Flat Designed WP Mobile Theme

delta flat wordpress template

Delta is minimalistic flat designed WordPress theme. Uses minimum jQuery plugins for smooth running and high compatibility with older devices.

Delta is fully responsive, retina ready template. There’s documentation file to tell you basics and link to ticket support, which is free for customers.

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Nightly Mobile | The Ultimate Mobile Theme (33 different styles)

nightly ultimate mobile wp theme

Nightly Mobile is a pixel perfect multi purpose mobile WordPress theme based on jQuery Mobile. It was handcrafted with attention to details, offering extensive option panel which boosts your customization abilities. This is no doubt one of the most powerful mobile themes available for WordPress to this date.

Wide range of supported devices makes it great choice to use alongside your desktop theme. Its professional and modern UIs are perfect for all types of websites, from agency, blog, freelance, personal, portfolio to professional presentation, gallery and e-commerce shop.

With Nightly Mobile your visitors will be happy to use your mobile website.

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Vibrant: A Super Sharp WordPress Mobile Theme

vibrant wp template for mobile

Vibrant is super clean, light and was built with minimalism in mind. That said, the theme’s stand-out elements like the unique menu display, comment form and per-post/page custom header colors ensure it doesn’t look generic and is immediately memorable to the user.

Vibrant can also serve many purposes. Use it for a simple blog, a mobile home for your business, to show off your portfolio, etc. It can also be used as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress installation or set up as the main theme on a brand new installation. You can even use it for a full-blown desktop site if you so choose.

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Be Mobile | Mobile and Tablet Responsive WordPress Theme (WooCommerce Ready)

be mobile wordpress theme

If you’re into a personal site, or a business site, a page for marketing, a shop or just a page for fun, even if you have news to share or just images to showcase, we have all these features, perfectly optimized, appstyled you’ll ever need for your mobile device.

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ROWE Mobile Theme for WordPress

rowe mobile template

Rowe is a lightweight and quick-on-its-feet mobile theme that can be used on a brand new WordPress installation or set up as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress site.

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Sweipe – Responsive WordPress Mobile Theme

sweipe responsive mobile theme

Easy installation with demo content is available. You can get your theme ready with some simple steps in 5 minutes. Everything you see on demo page is provided.

If you already using a WordPress theme and you want to use a mobile special theme for mobile devices We included a guide for integration.

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Rogue: Customizable Mobile Theme for WordPress

rogue customizable wp theme

Designed with smartphone and tablet devices in mind, Rogue can be used on a brand new WordPress installation or set up as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress site.

Rogue is super easy to set up and use. Now, however, you can also heavily customize the theme’s appearance.

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Now – Extensive WP Theme For Bloggers & Developers

now mobile theme for bloggers

Now is an extensive WordPress Theme for Bloggers and Mobile Developers.

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These were the top 16 highly rated mobile and responsive WordPress themes, you should also check out the list for the best 17 angular 2 web templates.

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