14 Tools For Finding The Best Domain Name For Your Site

tools fpr finding the best domain name for your site

It goes without saying that choosing a domain name for your online product, service or business is the important and maybe the most hardest step in establishing your identity online. Personally if you ask me I’d say that it is the most challenging and the most fun part because coming up with something unique and crafty can be quite hard.

Your site or blog’s name should usually be short, snappy, easy to remember and most importantly must relate to your business in one way or another. It is extremely challenging because most of the good top-level domains are already taken.

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Today I’ll show you 14 excellent tools that you can use to create or find the perfect domain name for you. So let us get started…..

Tools For Picking The Best Domain Name For Your Site


With Domainr you can explore new and interesting domain names beyond the obvious .com, .net and .org etc.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search‘s name generator is best for finding unique and quirky domain names by mixing and matching different name combinations.


tools for finding the best domain names

BustAName helps you find the perfect domain name by using its word combiner, finding similar words and checking for available domains. You can save domains for later review, switching the order of the words and much more.


Impossibility! is a domain name generator that takes your keywords and tries to combine it with a carefully selected list of verbs, adjectives and nouns. It will also automatically search for unregistered domain names giving you fast results because it runs on multiple servers.


It’s very simple to use: Just enter your keywords, and NameBoy will generate a list of potential domain names, showing which ones are available to purchase. It can’t get any easier than this.

Domain Typer

Domain Typer is a super fast and easy to use intuitive tool that makes searching for a domain name a breeze. Just enter your desired domain name, it will tell you if it’s available or not while generating a similar list of domains at the same time.

Name Mesh

tools for finding the best domain names


D0mize helps you to search for domains in a secured and encrypted environment. It also checks if a domain has been registered or not, when is it due to expire or if it can be bought. It shows instant results.


Wordoid is a great tool to create made-up words which are unique, sound pleasant and easier to remember. It also has some filters like word limit, language, natural or un-natural words etc. It makes finding domain names really fun.


It does what the other tools do but the awesome thing about it that it has an iOS app for use on the go.


DomainsBot has been helping people pick domain names since 2004. Taking your ideas and turning them into names, showing you available domain names, alerting you of expiring and for-sale domain names. It is also accompanied by an iPhone app.


NameTumbler basically suggests you a domain name by matching or combining your domain name from a word in the NameTumbler database. You can then edit or play around with the suggestion as much as you like.



tools for finding the best domain names


Have you ever used any of these tools? Tell us in the comments. And please don’t forget to share this post.

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