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It is true that many people don’t even know that there are alternative keyboard apps available for your smartphone, and the reason behind that is they think the stock keyboard app is good enough for them. Some might agree and some might disagree.

Everyday average joe’s like you and me don’t want anything else from their keyboards, if the stock app can type correctly, what more do you need, right? Still there are people who want more features like predicting your next letter or personalizing it to your liking. Fortunately there are some very good alternate keyboard apps that will do just that.

This list contains different types of keyboard apps with loads of features, some are helpful and some not very much.

8 Alternative Android Keyboard Apps

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard has advanced text-predicting capabilities, it can learn and adapt to the way you type. It learns from the way you type on your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, SMS and blog to improve its predictions. Users can also use its swipe input to type entire sentences in one motion by gliding over the space bar in between words.

It takes some getting used to but once you do, it is really easy to use and fast too.


Swype Keyboard

It is the original swipe input keyboard. This app has features such as Living Language, which updates your dictionary with the latest trending words. Similar to SwiftKey, it features next word prediction and adapts to the way you swipe. Swype also allows you to perform quick tasks such as Select All, Cut, Copy and Paste by simply swiping on the keyboard.


TouchPal X Keyboard

It offers both tap and swipe input, also has a feature called TouchPal Wave, which allows you to write a complete sentence in seconds by simply dragging the first word down to the spacebar and then swiping between the suggested words that appear over the keys. TouchPal X can also integrate with Twitter, so you can tweet directly from the app, and has support for Emoji.


A.I.Type Keyboard Plus

This keyboard app offers comprehensive text prediction and correction abilities. It suggests, completes and corrects words based on what you’re typing. It can also correct your input so you don’t have to worry about typing precisely. In addition, A.I.type Keyboard Plus allows you to customize your keyboard by changing the colors, fonts, themes and even the background image.


MessagEase Keyboard

It changes the way you type using a tap-and-slide interface. The most common letters are strategically and carefully placed on 9 large keys; the other letters are activated with slides. MessagEase Keyboard also features gestures for basic operations such as Select All, Copy, Cut and Paste to let you type more words in less time.

Still, it can take some time for your thumbs to adapt to this app.


Siine Shortcut Keyboard

As the name suggests, Siine Shortcut Keyboard is a shortcut keyboard. You can set up shortcuts for commonly used greetings or phrases. It also features built-in clock and calendar views that let you very quickly input text related to dates and times. You can also create custom emoticons and use them quickly using emoticon shortcuts.


Perfect Keyboard Pro

This keyboard app aims to provide a fully customizable keyboard. It allows you to change the colors of the keyboard buttons, background, text and even word suggestion font. You can even customize the layout of the keyboard itself, the intensity of the haptic feedback as well as the style and volume of the keypress sounds.

It just can’t get any better than this.


GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is another multi-touch keyboard that supports swipe input. In addition, GO Keyboard learns and corrects you as you type, and features next word prediction on top of Emoji support. One of the best aspects of GO Keyboard is the theme support. There are more than 60 themes currently available for GO Keyboard, with more added weekly. It is like a complete package.


Have you ever used one of these? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Really, These are all best keyboard apps for Android. If you are bored with default Android keyboard, you can choose any listed Apps.

    Thanks for sharing

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