Developed a class for reading CSV to Datatable in C#. Posting it on so someone could find it useful

This class reads a CSV file to Datatable mapping field names in CSV to Data Columns and data to Data Rows

For exporting datatable to CSV i ll post another snippet, will post a link here when its done


var processor = new CSVProcessor(PathtoCSVFile, CSVFileName);

var datatable = processor.GetDatatable();

The Class CSVProcessor

public class CSVProcessor
OdbcConnection Conn;
private string m_FileName;

public CSVProcessor(string file,string filename)
// Connection to CSV file
string connStr = "Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)}; Dbq=" + file + "; Extensions=csv,txt ";
this.m_FileName = filename;

Conn = new OdbcConnection(connStr);

public DataTable GetDatatable()
var ds = new DataSet();
var DataAdapter = new OdbcDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM " + m_FileName, Conn);
// Fills data set with CSV
return ds.Tables[0];

//' Catch errors
catch (OdbcException ex)
throw ex;




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