Top 10 Best iPhone And iPad Apps For Kids

iphone and ipad apps for kids

Everybody loves their iPhone and iPad, and for good reason. It’s your music player, video player, your connection to your many friends and family and your source of entertainment.

Probably the one thing that makes a smartphone joyous and great is the big collections of apps. There are apps for everybody, you, your kids, your parents, it just doesn’t end. The apple’s app store has launched around 500,000 apps to date so there’s plenty of fun to be had. Whether you’re looking to socialize, looking to paint, looking to read your favorite book, you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Today I present to you a collection of the top best and latest iPhone and iPad apps for kids. These are fun, interactive and safe in every way possible so your child can have a great time and be safe while playing with your iDevice. Almost all of these apps are compatible with all iOS devices so you can download any app you like without having to worry.

This list contains games, educational and fun iphone apps for kids.

So let’s start…..

10 Best And Latest iPhone And iPad Apps For Kids

WeetWoo! Kid Videos, Safe & Educational

iphone and ipad apps for kids

Thousands of parent-screened videos organized in kid-friendly age-appropriate playlists for hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Bean Bag Kids Present Little Red Riding Hood

iphone and ipad apps for kids

The first of many 3D interactive fables, performed by the Bean Bag Kids®. Pea, Pinto, Cocoa, Jack and Vanilla have made a show for you and your kids. Interact with them as they perform their play. By tapping each character you’ll help them act even better! Enjoy the beautiful scenes of this classic bed time story, told in an absolutely new way, that will amaze babies, toddlers, kids and parents.

Jellytoons Toddler Skills: Bobo’s Birthday Challenges

iphone and ipad apps for kids

This app is designed to develop your toddler’s critical thinking and fine motor skills, while remaining super fun to play!

Connect N Color

iphone and ipad apps for kids

Connect N Color is learning and fun all in one! Number recognition and sequencing of numbers is a crucial step towards success in pre-school math. Our app tests the fine motor skills of young kids and contributes to their cognitive development with “connect the dots” and “color by numbers” puzzles. It reinforces number recognition and the order in which numbers appear. Connect N Color engages the 2-6 year old in a riot of colors and fetching animal characters. It’s fun all the way and a great way to keep active little kids busy, while subtly helping them prepare for pre-school.

Feed Me Oil

iphone and ipad apps for kids

National Geographic’s Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever

iphone and ipad apps for kids

Based on the award-winning NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS ULTIMATE DINOPEDIA: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever, this app goes beyond any dinosaur encyclopedia you’ve ever seen. Just what makes this dino app so extreme? MORE THAN 700 DINOSAURS! ASTONISHING ARTWORK! THE LATEST DISCOVERIES! AMAZING INTERACTIVES AND VIDEO!

Speech with Milo: Sequencing

iphone and ipad apps for kids

Milo is back to bring you Sequencing exercises like you have never used before! Enjoy 35 dynamic sequencing exercises using animation to keep your child engaged. Speech with Milo: Sequencing was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children develop sequencing and storytelling skills. The adorable mouse Milo brings a friend along this time to entertain and help your child.

Slice It!


Sound easy? It may start out that way, but soon you’ll be cutting shapes that will puzzle you like never before.
Brainteasing puzzles: over 200 Basic Stages and a five-star rating system so you can play until you get it right!

Tiny Wings

iphone and ipad apps for kids

You have always dreamed of flying – but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills. Use the hills as jumps – slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment – until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.

Nighty Night!

iphone and ipad apps for kids

It’s X-Mas time in the most popular bedtime app!

Have your kids ever used these apps? Tell us about it in the comments. Don’t forget to share this collection.

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  1. The list of iPhone and iPad apps for kids is incredible. There are many useful iPhone and iPad apps for kids from games to educational apps available for kids.

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