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A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of data centers spread all over the internet which helps increasing your website speed dramatically and results in less bandwidth consumption. Sometimes, if you or any other person is accessing a site far away from its server, it will load slowly but if you use a CDN, it can help deliver the site from a location nearest to you, and load the site much faster.

In this post we will show you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a CDN, in fact there are many great free CDN’s for WordPress.

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Below we have compiled a list of the best free CDN for WordPress…

Free WordPress CDN


Cloudflare operates with 26 data centers spread all around the world, Cloudflare is certainly one of the best free CDN’s you can find. They claim that your website will load twice as fast for your visitors. Additionally they provide an easy WordPress integration so its worth checking out.

cloudflare CDN


Their free plan is also among the best and on top of that, they have a full dedicated community of people who use the service. Additionally their free plan also provides protection from bots and analytics as well.

incapsula CDN


Jetpack Photon is only available to users via Jetpack as well as users using a Jetpack plugin. The biggest advantage is that it’s very easy and straight forward to use. You just install the plugin, connect it with your account from within the admin panel and enable the photon option with just a click. It caters only to images and a great feature is that it provides loss-less compression with further speeds up page load times.

jetpack cdn


jsDelivr allows the delivering of javaScript files from various servers across the world. It also comes with a WordPress plugin for easier integration.

jsdelivr cdn

Although not free, provides a 1TB of bandwidth for a 30-day free trial. It also provides support for both static content and data sources such as JSON and XML, also allows control from desktop as well as mobile devices. In addition to that, it provides protection against DDoS attacks.

cdn net wordpress cdn


It is a P2P CDN, which is also a pay-as-you-go service. It allows for 100GB of free bandwidth.

swarmify cdn

Google App Engine

As the name suggests, it is Google’s own cloud platform which allows you to run web applications on the cloud. Additionally it supports multiple languages allowing to extend your WordPress site with more applications written in Java, Scala and Python etc.

google app engine cdn

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