Best Online Tools To Create Infographics

best online tools to create infographics

Creating infographics has become really easy now. There are loads of FREE online tools at your disposal to create interactive and good looking infographics. Recently you might have noticed that infographics are gaining a lot of popularity and that’s not a coincidence, they help your visitors to view data or information very quickly and easily.

By converting some important data or information into graphic or pictorial form it will be much easier for the visitor to read and retain that information and even the visitor is much likely to share it thus increasing traffic to your site. That is why more and more online guru’s are instructing newbie’s to use inforgraphics to get more traffic and gain more popularity.

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best online tools to create infographics

In the past people used to pay graphic designers hundreds of bucks just to make a single infographic but all that is in the past now, nowadays you can just use an online tool to create as many inforgraphics as you want.

A Picture is better than thousands of words, instead of writing lots of text; if you really want to captivate your viewers then you should use infographics to convey your message.

Today I have collected the best and top online tools to create infographics. These tools are fast, they are easy to use and anyone can use them without any knowledge of designing what-so-ever. If you like a tool please feel free to use it.

So lets start….

Best Online Tools To Create Infographics


PiktoChart is highly recommended to create professional Infographics. It has lots of features like different themes, images, icons and vectors etc.

best online tools to create infographics


With VennGate you can embed the infographics into your blog or website and you can even track how many people viewed it or shared it.

best online tools to create infographics


If you’re not into graphic designing then Easel is for you. Its incredibly simple drag and drop interface makes it really easy to create high quality professional infographics.

It also offers a wide variety of themes for you to choose from.

best online tools to create infographics

infogr is another tool which has a really simple and easy to use interface. It can also be used to present statistical data by using different types of charts and graphics.

best online tools to create infographics

These were the some of the top and best online tools to create infographics. I hope you found them useful and please do tell us in the comments if you’ve used any of these.

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1 thought on “Best Online Tools To Create Infographics

  1. Usually use Canva for all my images and have done a few infographics there, but will take a look at the ones you have listed – looks like they are dedicated solely to infographic creation. Thanks for the tips!

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