Top Quality Backup Plugins For WordPress

wordpress backup plugins

Anyone who’s a little tech savvy nowadays knows about WordPress. In fact anyone who wants to build anything from a small personal blog to a big corporate website looks towards WordPress as the driving power.

With that said we all know very well nothing on the internet is safe or hidden from hackers or random errors which could break your site in the blink of an eye. So to protect your hard work you should always have a backup of your site or blog. That’s common knowledge.

To make things easier there are many top quality backup plugins available for wordpress. These plugins range from simple database backup to professional WordPress backup solutions of database on encrypted servers ( usually used by big blogs and websites ). If you install one of these plugins on your wordpress installation you wouldn’t have to worry about any server errors, hackers or random accidents.

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

WP DB Manager

wordpress backup plugins

It allows you to arrange automatic backups of your website’s database either via email or server backup. It allows the admin to select the database item for backup and also to optimize, repair, delete or restore the database. It is incredibly secure and very simple to install. It just takes backups of your database but not the whole blog.

Online Backup for WordPress

wordpress backup plugins

It is a free plug-in offered by Backup technology and it allows you to store up to 50 MB of your database on their server. It only takes backups of your WordPress database and provides security encryption to your database.

My Repono

wordpress backup plugins

It is an off-site backup system and has its own plug-in that allows you to schedule backups. But, you have to pay for the data storage and transfer bandwidth, when you have backed up your data. You do not have to pay for the extra space that you did not use. You have to pay a charge of $5 for free trial and for 1 GB plans, you have to pay $0.02 per day. As the amount of data backup increases, the amount would further reduce.

Better WP Security

wordpress backup plugins

Better WP Security is a security plug-in that comes with built-in features like automatic backup, which you will receive in email or you can store it on your server. Remember this plug-in is only for the backup of your database. It works on multi-site and single site installations. It is compatible with Apache, LiteSpeed, or NGINX.

Automatic WordPress Backup

wordpress backup plugins

It not only backs up your WordPress database but also all themes, plug-ins, pictures and uploaded files. It uses the Amazon S3 storage service therefore, you have to sign up for an Amazon S3 account. It also provides a video that gives you an exact idea of the installation and connection with Amazon S3. This plug-in is well matched with Linux based servers and it entirely requires PHP5. It’s free but the Amazon S3 storage account comes at a cost of $0.150 per GB which is fairly affordable.

WP DB Backup

wordpress backup plugins

This plug-in is created by Austin Matzko and allows you to set up your data backup automatically. It’s similar to WP DB Manager and the user can schedule the automatic backup. Then the backup file will be sent immediately to your email address.


wordpress backup plugins

Backupify can secure your back ups on various online services like Gmail, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc. However it is not a complete backup solution as it only secures your WordPress database.


wordpress backup plugins


wordpress backup plugins

A premium backup plug-in is useful for backing up files, themes, posts and widgets of your WordPress blog. It creates automatic backups and saves it on the Amazon S3 servers. This service is available at $25 and $99 per day as per used storage.

Backup Buddy

wordpress backup plugins

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